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Key features

ok   WYSIWYG designer
okee   Sub diagram support
okee   Custom database definition files using a schema editor
okee   Unlimited number of tables and foreign keys
okee   Support for Indexes, constraints, and triggers
okee   Support for domains, views, and routines
okee   Live database access using ADO/ODBC connections
okee   Reverse Engineering of an existing database
okee   Comparing models with an existing database
okee   Comparing models with existing model files on disk
okee   Report generation in HTML format
okee   Various view/display levels
okee   XML based file format
okee   Easy printing over multiple pages with preview mode
okee   Easy and quick navigation with the model object browser
okee   Database translation (Switch target database)
okee   and...
okee   Simply the best database designer available today!

   DB Toolbox
  Data Generator
  Paradox to MDB
  CSV Splitter
  Dataset to CSV
  Connection string checker
  Empty Tables


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