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What's new

What's new in version 7.4


  • Added : The following model property tags can be used during script DDL generation
  • Added : User defined SQL syntax editor colors

Table Editor

  • Added : Edit the default data type parameters (length, decimals and array defs) directly in the column editor
  • Added : Delete column prompt replaced by column list with multi select options

Data type conversion

  • Added : Wildcard search option
  • Fixed : After conversion the list with properties was filled with default values. The old properties are now copied

Style Manager

  • Changed : Applied some small UI layout changes

SQL Server

  • Added : Support for SQL Server 2016
  • Fixed : Binary length parameter which was displayed as required (v2014)


  • Added : Support for Firebird 3.x


What's new in version 7.3


  • Added : Scroll to cursor using the mouse wheel in the design area or model navigator. No need to focus/click
    first before using the mouse wheel
  • Fixed : Entities remained on sub pages when removed from main page due to reverse engineering or db compare

Schema / Model

  • Added : "Enclose identifiers in quotes" option to the “model properties”

SQL Table Data Editor

  • Added : Button hints for easier navigation
  • Added : Number of rows indicator
  • Fixed : After viewing a text blob moving away with keyboard would restore the table view
    however moving away with mouse kept the table view as is

Table Editor

  • Changed : Column pick lists for check constraints and table scripts are no longer
    sorted on name but shown as defined per table

Microsoft Access

  • Added : Support for Access 2016. In order to connect to the newest office version from ERD Concepts install the "Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010/2013 Redistributable" package. Make sure to download the 32bit version of the drivers.

What's new in version 7.2


  • Added : Free text search in object browser
  • Added : New grid style for designer view (squares)
  • Updated : Caption color of docked tool windows
  • Added : A double click in the page list will open the page editor
  • Added : Added shortcuts INS, F2, DEL to page list
  • Added : Adding a new page will now open the page editor to enter the page properties directly
  • Added : Improved zoom behaviour with no objects selected

Model properties

  • Added : Foreign key constraint index name template

Table Editor

  • Added : Refresh table data option

Schema Editor

  • Fixed : Testing datatype mapping did not use the default template folder when selecting a target schema file

View Editor

  • Added : Parentheses are now removed during "Extract From Script"

Routine Group Editor

  • Added : Multi select in routine list

Compare with database

  • Fixed : Access violation when importing foreign keys for non-existing tables

Database Table Editor

  • Fixed : Only first 5 records displayed per table

Table SQL Editor

  • Fixed : Invalid / wrong screen position on dual monitor systems


What's new in version 7.1


  • Added : Auto layout type "Hierarchical" (Top-Down)
  • Added : Auto layout dialog for easier selection of the auto layout type

Object Browser

  • Added : Auto Increment flag (-AI) for table columns

Stamp object

  • Added : Output display filter

Rename Objects

  • Fixed : Case sensitive search option

HTML Report

  • Fixed : Data type output without additional options
  • Fixed : Foreign key table name output generated as error

Script Templates

  • Added : Improved template explorer for easier browsing and editing
  • Added : Default script template: "macro: %TERM%"

Reverse Engineering

  • Added : Added "ignore column collation name" option
  • Fixed : Reverse engineering of routines

CSV Export

  • Added : Page selection box. You can now export tables and foreign keys per page
  • Fixed : Data type output without additional options

Schema Editor

  • Added : Import option to load a template into an existing model file (refresh)
  • Changed : Schema ID replaced with script template (tpl) filename

Oracle (all versions)

  •  Removed : Foreign key delete rule "NO ACTION"


What's new in version 7.0


  • Added : Improved portability of model files. Each model file now contains the complete schema configuration. This way you can publish your model file to others without the need to add any local customized schema (.ini) definition files.

    Local schema configuration (.ini) files are now local templates used when starting
    a new model. You can create, your own, fully customized schemata files. There is no longer a
    hard-coded link between a schema template, the target database and an existing model.
    This also means that changing a schema template will no longer alter the model file in any way.

    Due to this new feature we decided to drop the support for the "data type repository" which
    heavily depended on fixed schema definition files. Now each model can contain its own data types
    so maintaining a global data type repository is no longer possible.
  • Added : Improved performance while working with large model files
  • Added : %TERM% macro for all script parts to support automatic translation of the script terminator sequences (GO, ;, / etc)
  • Added : A data table editor for direct editing of database tables. The used ADO driver must support schema extraction to retrieve the available tables from the database
  • Added : Mandatory flag to the designer hint for relationships
  • Fixed : XML encoding error (ecm files) which resulted in a non standard XML format

Version Control

  • Added : Custom archive filenames. After selecting "version control" you are prompted for a archive filename

Shape object

  • Added : Additional shapes Diamond and Arrows left\rigtht\up\down

Connection Editor

  • Added : Database connection string field in the database connection editor is now set through an edit box for easier configuration and copying the connection string to the Windows clipboard
  • Fixed : Cancelling the "Open UDL" dialog in the database connection editor would apply an invalid/empty connection string setting

Object Browser

  • Added : Do not generate indicator for database objects

Schema Conversion Tool

  • Added : Support for assigning new schema names
  • Added : Support for removing existing schema names

Execute SQL

  • Changed : (Blob) field display
  • Added : NULL indicator for empty fields
  • Added : Export to CSV option
  • Changed : Run key F9 remapped to F5
  • Added : SQL Format options: To Uppercase and To Lowercase

Table editor

  • Fixed : Renaming a column used in a trigger autoincrement definition would remove the referenced old column

Routine Groups

  • Changed : Move routines task replaced by a move routine flag in the import routines dialog

HTML Report

  • Added : Multiple sub reports for individual parts of a model
  • Changed : Generate reports from unsaved models

Schema Editor

  • Added : Renaming a data type will also change all references in the same schema file
  • Added : Reserved words are now included in the schema files
  • Added : Comma separated strings are now made available in a text listbox
  • Changed : Data type mappings are now included in each schema template file
  • Changed : The schema ID field is now a reference to a local script template file only. It's a free text input field in order to support custom database schemata
  • Fixed : Problem while renaming data types in a long list and trying to select a new data type afterwards. The new selection would result in an unexpected data type due to scrolling issues

SQL Server

  • Added : Support for SQL Server 2014
  • Changed : The length parameter for the Binary data type is now optional. It was required and default set to 0 which is invalid because the value should be none, 1 or higher.


  • Added : Support for Oracle 12c

Microsoft Access

  • Added : Support for MsAccess 2013


  • Added : Support for Interbase XE3


  • Added : Support for PostgreSQL 9.3 / 9.4


  • Changed : Renamed enum/set property "Items" to "Elements"

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